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Well...glad that hellfire is OVER

2012-07-05 18:22:42 by bongboy69

Finally out of my idiot parents house with my uncle working fulltime now.. things couldnt be better. What happened was the computer broke and I couldn't use MY MONEY to purchase MYSELF with MY OWN MONEY a new computer for EVERYONE to use, then I start getting bitched at for not doing the dishes but that fat fuck doesnt even care that I mowed the yard, took out the trash, and did all of my laundry. But no. Everything has to be perfect in that fantasy land they call home. I was without the BBS or being able to review for months. Nobody gave a shit. And I wasn't able to use MY OWN MONEY?? One humid ominous night I told my dad to piss of and my mum to shove it, because I did the dishes, mowed the yard, and did my laundry but they bitch at me before i get to take out the trash. The fat man tries hitting me, and I deflect it off of himself and he stumbles a little backward and my mom screamed. Screw it. I grabbed everything I had (which was pretty much just the clothes on my back and my 2 playstation3 games) and walked 8 miles in the dark to my Uncles house. I hope I wasnt going to be stopped and harassed by a pig. I made it explained the situation and he said I could have my dead nephews old cot and work with him Full Time. I'm still able to go to school though because Ive just been getting on at my homie Drakes stop nearbye and the school or anyone hasnt noticed a thing, by the book im still at my regular 'home'. And best of all....a laptop and FAST internet! Screw my 'parents'.


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