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Finally out of my idiot parents house with my uncle working fulltime now.. things couldnt be better. What happened was the computer broke and I couldn't use MY MONEY to purchase MYSELF with MY OWN MONEY a new computer for EVERYONE to use, then I start getting bitched at for not doing the dishes but that fat fuck doesnt even care that I mowed the yard, took out the trash, and did all of my laundry. But no. Everything has to be perfect in that fantasy land they call home. I was without the BBS or being able to review for months. Nobody gave a shit. And I wasn't able to use MY OWN MONEY?? One humid ominous night I told my dad to piss of and my mum to shove it, because I did the dishes, mowed the yard, and did my laundry but they bitch at me before i get to take out the trash. The fat man tries hitting me, and I deflect it off of himself and he stumbles a little backward and my mom screamed. Screw it. I grabbed everything I had (which was pretty much just the clothes on my back and my 2 playstation3 games) and walked 8 miles in the dark to my Uncles house. I hope I wasnt going to be stopped and harassed by a pig. I made it explained the situation and he said I could have my dead nephews old cot and work with him Full Time. I'm still able to go to school though because Ive just been getting on at my homie Drakes stop nearbye and the school or anyone hasnt noticed a thing, by the book im still at my regular 'home'. And best of all....a laptop and FAST internet! Screw my 'parents'.

Post-Redesign Blog! All you need to know.

2012-02-10 15:12:41 by bongboy69

At first there was so much content I didn't know where to start first, so I went to the vastly improved forums and was taken away by the retro yet modernistic overhaul, and how fluidly everything operates. Before, the page would get all finnicky for a second or I would have to hit f5 a couple times and sometimes even clear my cache for the boards to work, now its functional for the most part. Everything the design looks is great, and I love the addition of your grounds gold avatar IN the BBS right above your new level icon, which look straight from a retro video game.

However, your unable to view grounds gold stats unless you manually go to a page. This is a massive inconvenience and is just as good as slaving over a log cabin by hand for years and then pushing trees over it so that people have to manually look at it. This doesn't do anyone any good, I love everything you did but why did you have to nerf the grounds gold profile?

Update 2.11.2012 I saw the patch to the site and love it thank you for the stats back Tom! amazing..

2012-02-08 12:10:27 by bongboy69

I was a bit annoyed and concerned with the site for the past 2 days but I did not expect what I saw today at all.....Thank you Newgrounds!

New Month...New changes!

2012-02-01 22:13:24 by bongboy69

Starting to make myself a scedual, hopefully it will involve more time at my uncles help tending to the babies! Im stoked for tomorrow though because I know im going over for sure because I have the dirt with worm casings we need.

Rather than making me feel hindered, I feel more well rounded person. Might stay after school more and make reviews when I better up on my writing skills, other than that the nursery has been extra busy...extra packed...the more you do the more you feel better though!

..until I become a bonified Scout!!

Just one single protection point...

Skyrim is sweet!

2012-01-24 21:26:09 by bongboy69

I used to play boring games and than i took a good one too the knee!!

A while back I was banned on the BBS for reasons I didn't understand at the time, and i was sure i wasnt going to be able to post in topics or even make one ever again...but i messaged eyelovepoozy about the message and he calmly and diligently assured me that my ban was not permanate, and that I would be posting again by the end of the day!! He even told me that if i contacted him earlier, he would have lifted the ban entirely from the start, and that i should man up and learn from this. These words struck through me and made me see a whole lot about myself even, my entire life until now ive always been a beat-around-the-bush kind of person, and never really took accountability for my own actions. But now I see instead of letting some kind of ego force you to hide these things, instead use them as building blocks for a better foundation. Even though im still not entirely clear on why i was banned in the first place (I said >inb4 in a post, ive seen it all over so i dont see why it got me banned here but ive learned from this and im placing the block down of the foundation of not sucking in the BBS), but im sure with this token of knowledge i recieved ill be a better person as well as a better poster.

The funny thing is I thought that i have been permma banned, and i was really stressed. So stressed that I was crabby for 2 days and I ran out of my monthly Buspar prescription early. Im not even mad anymore im just so happy ill be able to post again in 8 hours!!!

Eyelovepoozy is the first competent mod ive encountered, he was the one who issued this ban and it took a lot of lurking to find his page from the BBS, but then talking to him I saw nothing like id ever expected, im sure all of the other staffers are amazing to. Though i've only talked to 3 moderators (counting Eyelovepoozy) that actually did anything. The other 2 I contacted (which will remain unnamed) did nothing as I sent them links to topics being flooded with the most disturbing things ive ever seen. One of them replied later (after it was handled) saying thank you but the other one didnt even reply, and keep in mind that they were BOTH ONLINE at the time.

Well, sure was alot to take in for one day, but in 8 hours from now ill be back in the BBS! Woo hoo!!!

Today was pretty alright!

2012-01-20 02:36:15 by bongboy69

PS3 is in my room again got a new pickup and my sataliete works again...I'm content

Someone makes a marijuna law related thread, but literally no one is debating shit and just going hurr durr weed this weed that. I came here for discourse, not driveling retardation! If your going to speak your short-term mind be sure you can back up your puny 'facts' for a monolithic crushing force of truth.

On the brighter side, In my spare time away from posting on the BBS, I've been hard at work on my latest animation! Stay tuned flash portal lurkers!

>mfw i saw this retarded weed bashing thread with ZERO pros against the supposed 'con'

edit: apparently even people that smoke still try to get a rise out of other stoners...ive got a lot to learn :|

I like the boards, likeminded posters as far as I see but lots of jackasses being idiots. Really? fuck them